Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update time again

Well I've finally got a minute to update. Life has been hectic since Father's day.

As for Ian's little sister, we are at 33 weeks now. She is definitely making her presence known. It is so weird to be this pregnant. So far so good. We took a quick tour of the hospital where we will have her. It was hilarious explaining that we don't have a clue what to do this time around but the nurse we talked to understood and didn't think we were too strange. Ian will be allowed to visit me and sister at the hospital. I was afraid that he wouldn't be and I don't know if I could be away from him that long. So we are on the countdown till August 28 and her arrival. Hopefully she will continue cooking.

We had another shower for her in GA at my mom's house and we got a ton of clothes. Ian of course was the official present opener. Our friends that are expecting as well told us that they are having another boy:) We also watched our boys who are about 6 months apart walk holding hands. It was cute and I didn't have the camera for the picture of them walking down the path. Ian also started calling for Noah and has been saying it since. It is absolutely adorable. We also are going to go to Panama City Beach with them in 2 weeks for a last hurrah before our kids come. We've never done this but have wanted to. So it will definitely be an adventure but fun.

Ian is currently recovering from his eye surgery. This one had me stressed for a week due to an anesthesia doctor that had already decided that he would have issues and would most likely be admitted overnight. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather them err on the side of caution with him especially with his med history and I understand it but don't make your mind up beforehand. Luckily we talked with another doctor before his surgery and made sure that the first doctor would not be the doctor the day of the surgery and this doctor said we can't say for sure he will have issues but we have the room reserved just in case he needed it.

So we headed up the night before since we had to be there at 7 and to get there that early we would've had to leave by 430. So we spent the night in Bham and Ian got some time in the hotel pool and we got to get a couple extra hours of sleep. The surgery went well. We will know the final outcome in about 6 weeks but we can already see a difference. Bless his heart, he looks like he should be in a horror movie with his 2 red eyes. He only had to have one muscle in each eye moved. So the surgery was about and hour and then the wait for him truly began. After an hour and half we were getting antsy and were fixing to ask his nurse to call recovery when she came to get us to go back to recovery. So we thought that meant that they were admitting him. But no.

His recovery nurse was like we had been waiting so long and if that was his kid he would want to see him. So we got to see a new area of Children's even for us old pros.

Ian was sitting up in bed all drugged. The issue was that his oxygen sats were not staying where they thought they should be so they were giving him extra time. He still hadn't fully woke up yet either but part of that could be the pain meds that they gave him an hour earlier. So we sat with him and watched his O2 sats, felt like old times in the NICU. Of course, they would be high when no one but us was there but as soon as a nurse appeared they dropped. Granted the lowest it was was 89/88 with it mostly hanging out at 92-94 range. They were looking for high 90s but we know that he can be 95/96 and that's good for him. However, once the initial wave of the pain meds receeded and he started actually waking up and became more alert, his sats stayed at 96 and up. So we got to go home that day. No hospital stay for us. Thank you God.

So we spent the night recovering or more exact, Ian slept until 630 the next morning. He only had to take one dose of Tylenol with codeine for pain that night. By the next morning, he was his old self so it was hard to get him to stay in bed with me for the day so I could take it easy as well as him.

He is busy being spoiled this week as grandma is here to help wrangle him so I can get some things done around the house. All we have heard since we came home from Albany was Mom, Truck, Yeah, 50 million times a day. So now he is in little boy heaven because grandma with the truck is here and he has her wrapped around his finger literally:)


  1. Glad Ian is doing better after surgery. You certainly have been keeping yourself busy. Lots to do before the baby comes. Can't wait to see those pictures.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad to hear that surgery went well!!!! Great job Ian! I know how scary those oxygen drops can be! Sonya did the same thing while she was in the NICU whenever a nurse wasn't around! It really makes your heart stop doesn't it?! Keep us posted, I can't wait to hear how he is doing in 6 weeks! :) I'm glad to hear that your baby girl on the way is doing good too! Wow! Only 36 more days to go! Have fun at Panama City Beach! Great pic's!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Ian's surgery went so well! He's such a trooper, and how fantastic that you can already see a difference!
    How exciting - just 5 weeks to go! We're still praying for an uneventful last few weeks for you too! We know just how you feel about it being strange with being pregnant still! :) My doctor told us a few weeks ago - "wow, this point on is all new to you" and went over a few things that we should expect like the uncomfortableness and back aches and all.
    Great pictures! Yay for another baby shower - how fun! We can't wait to see pictures of Ian with his baby sister!