Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lil Sis Update #2

Well had my 37 week check today. My BP was high again but no protein spilling and no swelling or sudden weight gain. So I'm just being difficult:)

Well yesterday, I felt off all day and night so I got to thinking that lil sis was coming early like by this weekend. So the Dr comes in and in light of my BP being high the last 2 vists, that we should move the C/S date up. This should help with my BP issues so I don't have to have a hospital stay before she is born or possibly on any meds.

So lil sister is coming TOMORROW, Thursday, Aug, 20. So around lunchtime we should have our newest member of the family. Hopefully she will have a name by then. No we still haven't decided. Apparently we work better with the pressure of the knife:)

I will be at 37 weeks and 5 days with her. That's 10 weeks + 3 days longer than Ian cooked.

So luckily it is tomorrow so that gives time for my mom to get here to watch Ian for us. Unfortunately she will be the only grandparent present. Perry's mom & stepdad are coming tomorrow night for the weekend, my dad is coming on Sat morning, & Perry's dad and stepmom aren't going to be able to make it as his stepmom's family is having some serious health issues and her place is with them. PLEASE keep her family in your prayers. It could be a rough weekend for her.

We will send them plenty of pics and calls over the next couple of days so that they don't geel left out. She was looking forward to being here for the birth. As all of the grandparents missed it last time as well.

Oh well, time to go. I still have to get pretty feet tonight and need to run laundry so it's caught up:) Oh well no rest for the weary:)

Kids Room Pics

Finally have all the little things done in the kids' room. Thought I'd share how we have Cars + Flowers in the same room. We only have 2 bedrooms so for now they will have to share. So it was an adventure trying to figure out how to make it girly and boy at the same time. Hopefully this will work. Plus on the brightside her side will be easy to change once her interests are discovered.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lil Sis Update

Well it's time for Ian's little sister to have an update as well.

We have officially made it to "full-term" at 37 weeks. That's 10 weeks longer than Ian. It has been very weird. I'm not used to being this pregnant and feeling like a little old lady with all the achy joints and I swear if I hit my belly on one more thing, I'm going to scream:)

Had a little scare last week, my BP had been wonky at home since the beach trip. At the Dr it was still a little high but not super high, just higher than it had been being. So we ended up with doing the Pre-E bloodwork again and then had to come back for a BP check 2 days later.

Bloodwork was good, so platelets and liver enzymes were good and BP had gone down from what it was but still seemed a little high to me. I was just told to "curtail my activities" and drink plenty of water, etc. All of which I was already doing.

So this weekend, we finished up the last of the grocery shopping. I've got the hospital bags packed (weird feling that) and the car seat base in the car. All that is left is a little pampering of mommy's feet.

So for now we are in the final countdown days to little sister arrives on Aug 28. Hopefully, she will continue to cook a little bit longer but I'm definitely getting ready to meet this little one that has been belly dancing like crazy these last couple of days. I swear I feel like the monster from Alien is going to pop out any second.

Till next time

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little man is growing up:(

Well, today was Ian's first official day of Preschool. He's only going for half days 2 days a week but it is the ending of an era.

He was excited to finally get to use his Cars backpack that I got for him at the last consignment sale and to wear his new shoes.

He did well when we dropped him off and no tears because he was too busy exploring. NO tears for mommy either:)

Hopefully he will cooperate for them today. We will see if they still think that he is precious:)

The house is quiet. That is weird:) Won't last much longer with lil sis arriving soon so I had better enjoy it right.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ian's First Trip to the Beach

Well, we finally did it. We took Ian to the beach, Panama City Beach,FL, to be exact. We went with some friends of ours. The trip definitely wasn't long enough as we were only went for 2 nights but we will definitely do it again when we can stay longer and I'm not so pregnant.

We left early Saturday morning so we could have some time down there while waiting on our room to be prepared. We stayed at Edgewater Resort in the Windward building right on the beach. It was so nice. We had a balcony and what a way to start the day. Balcony and surf. I miss it. Just being around the water relaxes me, even though people may not realize it. That's what I get for being a Cancerian Crab.

So we go the beach and Ian hates the sand on his feet which I kind of expected since he has always been a little funny about his feet, understandably due to the number of heel sticks the poor boy has had. He was fine once we had him sitting in the sand and he could scoop sand and such. He really enjoyed the pool the most of course.

He hated walking at the edge of the surf until we showed him shells. He has his first seashells already in his treasure box.

We spent all day Sunday at the beach and had fun. On Monday we hit Destin and the outlet mall there. We scored Ian a pair of Stride Rite Tennis Shoes for school for $10:) Woo Hoo The shoes we wanted at the price we wanted.

Hopefully the pictures will show how much fun he had. Can't wait to do it again.