Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lil Sis Update

Well it's time for Ian's little sister to have an update as well.

We have officially made it to "full-term" at 37 weeks. That's 10 weeks longer than Ian. It has been very weird. I'm not used to being this pregnant and feeling like a little old lady with all the achy joints and I swear if I hit my belly on one more thing, I'm going to scream:)

Had a little scare last week, my BP had been wonky at home since the beach trip. At the Dr it was still a little high but not super high, just higher than it had been being. So we ended up with doing the Pre-E bloodwork again and then had to come back for a BP check 2 days later.

Bloodwork was good, so platelets and liver enzymes were good and BP had gone down from what it was but still seemed a little high to me. I was just told to "curtail my activities" and drink plenty of water, etc. All of which I was already doing.

So this weekend, we finished up the last of the grocery shopping. I've got the hospital bags packed (weird feling that) and the car seat base in the car. All that is left is a little pampering of mommy's feet.

So for now we are in the final countdown days to little sister arrives on Aug 28. Hopefully, she will continue to cook a little bit longer but I'm definitely getting ready to meet this little one that has been belly dancing like crazy these last couple of days. I swear I feel like the monster from Alien is going to pop out any second.

Till next time

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  1. Yeah, all good news! Can't wait till the big day and to see precious pictures!