Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ian's First Trip to the Beach

Well, we finally did it. We took Ian to the beach, Panama City Beach,FL, to be exact. We went with some friends of ours. The trip definitely wasn't long enough as we were only went for 2 nights but we will definitely do it again when we can stay longer and I'm not so pregnant.

We left early Saturday morning so we could have some time down there while waiting on our room to be prepared. We stayed at Edgewater Resort in the Windward building right on the beach. It was so nice. We had a balcony and what a way to start the day. Balcony and surf. I miss it. Just being around the water relaxes me, even though people may not realize it. That's what I get for being a Cancerian Crab.

So we go the beach and Ian hates the sand on his feet which I kind of expected since he has always been a little funny about his feet, understandably due to the number of heel sticks the poor boy has had. He was fine once we had him sitting in the sand and he could scoop sand and such. He really enjoyed the pool the most of course.

He hated walking at the edge of the surf until we showed him shells. He has his first seashells already in his treasure box.

We spent all day Sunday at the beach and had fun. On Monday we hit Destin and the outlet mall there. We scored Ian a pair of Stride Rite Tennis Shoes for school for $10:) Woo Hoo The shoes we wanted at the price we wanted.

Hopefully the pictures will show how much fun he had. Can't wait to do it again.


  1. How great for Ian. The beach and a new pair of shoes. He looked like he had a great time and really enjoyed going.

  2. Your Ian is adorable! His story gives me such hope. My son was just diagnosed officially yesterday with Achondroplasia at 18 days old. i have cried buckets of tears as i try to come to grips with that. Stories like Ian's make me smile and make it so much easier for me to see my little Max growing up and having a great life!! thank you for that!!!

  3. It looks like Ian had a great first trip to the beach! Such a cutie!
    I find the beach so relaxing too! We were going to go this past weekend, but since I don't do so well with the heat lately (it always feels 20 degrees warmer to me than it is), we decided to go north to PA for a mini vacation instead. I'm looking forward to taking Simon to the beach for the first time though!
    Yay for a great deal on new tennis shoes!
    Just 2.5 weeks to go, right?! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to see pictures!!